Basic Bookkeeping plus Xero Accounting


The course aims to allow participant to become familiar with accounting terms and basic bookkeeping skills to be able to continue onto an accredited bookkeeping course such as AAT level 3.

Additionally, the study materials will be based on actual business transactions within the organisation so that theoretical examples can be demonstrated with practical business applications.

Course Structure:

There will be blended learning with a combination of face to face instruction and distance learning tasks and assignments.

Course Content:

Introduction to Bookkeeping

· Introduction

· Double entry bookkeeping

· Accounts

· Debit and credit entries & VAT

· A simple business “ the cash book

The Accounts Books and how Xero operates

· Bank and cash records

· The ledgers

· The day books

· VAT records

· Business documents

· Memorandum items

· Wages and salaries

· Stock records

· The journal

· Bank Reconciliations

Using the accounts, Xero reports.

· Trading accounts

· Profit & Loss account

· The Trial Balance

· The Balance Sheet

· Credit control

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