AutoCAD Essentials

A 3 day Virtual Learning Course which covers the following Modules. Ideal for beginners.

Course content:

  • ACD-E 01 Introduction to AutoCAD
  • ACD-E 02 Creating Basic Shapes
  • ACD-E 03 Creating a Simple Drawing and Shapes
  • ACD-E 04 Drawing Accuracy
  • ACD-E 05 Manipulating Objects AutoCAD Intermediate
  • ACD-E 06 Additional Exercises
  • ACD-E 07 Organising the Drawing
  • ACD-E 08 Creating Advanced Shapes
  • ACD-E 09 Analysing Model and Object Properties
  • ACD-E 10 Practical Example Projects
  • ACD-E 11 Advanced Object Editing
  • ACD-E 12 Using Element Block Libraries
  • ACD-E 13 Practical Example Projects
  • ACD-E 14 Configuring a Layout
  • ACD-E 15 Printing a Drawing
  • ACD-E 16 Practical Printing Examples
  • ACD-E 17 Annotating Drawings
  • ACD-E 18 Hatching Regions
  • ACD-E 19 Dimensioning Drawings AutoCAD Advanced/3D
  • ACD-E 20 Practical Annotation Examples

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T3 Training's Offer

T3 are an independent training provider offering short courses and online learning courses in: AutoCAD Revit RC Detailing Surveying BIM Navisworks These courses are available at different levels and are ideal for a complete novice or anyone wanting to expand their skills and knowledge in the subjects.

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