Attorney & Support Staff Development Programme

• Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) psychometric profiling tool to identify behavioural preferences (energy, process of information, decision-making and approach to deadlines) to help them understand themselves better, their contribution to the management team / organisation; seeing the world from others’ perspective; how to manage people of different behavior preferences; and how their behaviour may affect others

• Characteristics of a manager and how to ‘role model’ the right behaviours with fellow Attorneys and Support Staff

• Managing and controlling your workday (Time Logs, High value-added activities, Prioritising, Time Thieves and Planning,) • Benefits and how to delegate (who to, what tasks, when and how)

• How to use the GROW coaching model to develop others and maximise impact of one to ones, appraisals and everyday management

• Managing staff performance manage – ‘constructive honesty’ feedback, motivation and having difficult conversations

• 360º tool to gain feedback from colleagues on what they might “Start”, “Stop” and “Continue” doing

• Group exercise to practice leadership, team working, and interpersonal skills learned

• Develop action plan on what they are going to differently, how it will help them in their role and timescales Facilitated brainstorming exercise to review what is working well at Franks & Co and develop ideas on how things can be improved

• Self-motivation and confidence– Understand what makes them unique and motivates them; and plan what they need to “Start”, “Stop” and “Continue” doing Follow up session

• A session to review actions agreed; progress made against each action; and further support to help accelerate their development and performance.

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BSA Training's Offer

Led by Bobby Singh since 2011, BSA Training is passionate about people development.  We believe employees are the most important resources in any business and so: "Improve your people.  Improve your business"BSA Training virtual training and development sessions are a new, innovative, user friendly and interactive way of learning. We are focusing on the things that are so important right now, such as: Managing yourself and developing resilience;Leading and motivating your staff remotely;Employee engagement, motivation and morale;Working from home and managing how you use your time;Managing customer relationships remotely and winning new business; Business development – developing new product;Business planning - dealing with the now, the future and beyond 

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