Art of the Possible: Data Driven Planning

Teaching Approach

The workshop structure is designed around the analysis of 1-3 use cases. The length of the workshop depends on the number of use cases to review.  The primary objective of the workshop is to review, refine and plan a small number of possible data-driven initiatives. At the end of the workshop, organisations will:
• Agree the primary and any secondary analytic questions to be addressed
• Analyse readiness for initiatives from business, data and people perspectives
• Understand high level solution approaches for use cases
• Understand core data/platform dependencies for the use cases
• Attain a high level plan for delivering the use cases

Topics Covered
Client Objectives (0.5 hours)
• What is the business context of the discussions?
• What would overall success look like?

High Level Walkthrough of Use Case (2 hours per case)
• What is the business challenge being met?
• What is the existing solution?
• What is the impact of meeting this challenge?
• How will generated insight be used?
• Previous initiatives in this area
• Key Stakeholders
Refine Scope
• Agree Business and Analytic question
• Agree how success can be measured
Strategic fit
• Alignment with client’s objectives for this work
• Regulatory and legal fit
• Addressable market / opportunity
• High level solution discussion
• Descriptive vs Predictive vs Prescriptive
• Complexity / maturity of mathematics
• Probability of solution technically working
• Integration / industrialisation complexity
• Availability and quality of data
• Availability and quality of delivery platform
• Availability of necessary people & resources
• How will the change be managed?
• Delivery duration
• Potential benefits
• Benefit risk
• Costs
• Likelihood of securing funding

Planning (1 hour)
High Level Approach
• Programme vs Project Design
• Development Approach: Agile, Waterfall
• Stakeholder Management
• Governance
• Management of Dependency Projects
Project Approach
• Create Project Charters
• What do we need to prove early?
• Project Team and Approach
• Resourcing of Team
• Benefits Mapping & Reporting
• Agree Next Steps

A deck with updated charters + recommendations + PDF of the slides are supplied.


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