Art of the Possible: Data Driven Planning

Teaching Approach

The workshop structure is designed around the analysis of 1-3 use cases. The length of the workshop depends on the number of use cases to review.  The primary objective of the workshop is to review, refine and plan a small number of possible data-driven initiatives. At the end of the workshop, organisations will:
• Agree the primary and any secondary analytic questions to be addressed
• Analyse readiness for initiatives from business, data and people perspectives
• Understand high level solution approaches for use cases
• Understand core data/platform dependencies for the use cases
• Attain a high level plan for delivering the use cases

Topics Covered
Client Objectives (0.5 hours)
• What is the business context of the discussions?
• What would overall success look like?

High Level Walkthrough of Use Case (2 hours per case)
• What is the business challenge being met?
• What is the existing solution?
• What is the impact of meeting this challenge?
• How will generated insight be used?
• Previous initiatives in this area
• Key Stakeholders
Refine Scope
• Agree Business and Analytic question
• Agree how success can be measured
Strategic fit
• Alignment with client’s objectives for this work
• Regulatory and legal fit
• Addressable market / opportunity
• High level solution discussion
• Descriptive vs Predictive vs Prescriptive
• Complexity / maturity of mathematics
• Probability of solution technically working
• Integration / industrialisation complexity
• Availability and quality of data
• Availability and quality of delivery platform
• Availability of necessary people & resources
• How will the change be managed?
• Delivery duration
• Potential benefits
• Benefit risk
• Costs
• Likelihood of securing funding

Planning (1 hour)
High Level Approach
• Programme vs Project Design
• Development Approach: Agile, Waterfall
• Stakeholder Management
• Governance
• Management of Dependency Projects
Project Approach
• Create Project Charters
• What do we need to prove early?
• Project Team and Approach
• Resourcing of Team
• Benefits Mapping & Reporting
• Agree Next Steps

A deck with updated charters + recommendations + PDF of the slides are supplied.


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Cohort Maximum

Number of Training Sessions

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Please note the price is for a group upto 8 people

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Datatrainer's Offer

Our mission is to promote the adoption of advanced data science techniques such as AI to organisations in the Sheffield City Region and help them find additional value, efficiencies and insights in their data. We can do this on a consultancy basis but are also able to provide training to organisations across the leadership, commercial and technical fields. As well as the 'Art of the Possible' series featured in detail here, we can also provide Beginner / Intermediate and Expert Training Courses in the technical aspects of data science programming in both R and Python languages.

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