Art of the Possible: Data Driven Mobilisation

Teaching Approach

This workshop is structured as a half-day session, based around as a set of knowledge transfer presentations from industry leading data professionals and round table discussions to build awareness.

The primary objective of the workshop is to provide a clear, simple overview of data-driven approaches to help guide internal initiatives. At the end of the workshop, organisations will:
• Understand how terms such as “data science”, “big data”, “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” fit into a “data driven journey”
• See how examples from other organisations and industries can help guide their plans and avoid common pitfalls
• Understand the pros and cons of building their own Data Science capability
• Have a strong basis from which to plan Data-Driven initiatives

Topics Covered

Why be Data Driven?
• What does it mean to be data driven and what are the benefits
• Round table: Data-Driven aspirations
Building a Data Driven Company
• What are the components of a Data-Driven business?
• Round table: The Current Landscape
The Data Driven Journey
• How can a company become data driven?
• Round table: Moving towards Data-Driven-ness
Finding the Use Cases
• A discussion of use case discovery and prioritisation with real-life examples
• Round table: High value use cases

The course is delivered primarily by an experienced Data Science expert and is also supported by an AI consultant and an additional third facilitator.

A deck with updated charters + recommendations + PDF of the slides are supplied.


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