Art of the Possible: Data Driven Mobilisation

Teaching Approach

This workshop is structured as a half-day session, based around as a set of knowledge transfer presentations from industry leading data professionals and round table discussions to build awareness.

The primary objective of the workshop is to provide a clear, simple overview of data-driven approaches to help guide internal initiatives. At the end of the workshop, organisations will:
• Understand how terms such as “data science”, “big data”, “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” fit into a “data driven journey”
• See how examples from other organisations and industries can help guide their plans and avoid common pitfalls
• Understand the pros and cons of building their own Data Science capability
• Have a strong basis from which to plan Data-Driven initiatives

Topics Covered

Why be Data Driven?
• What does it mean to be data driven and what are the benefits
• Round table: Data-Driven aspirations
Building a Data Driven Company
• What are the components of a Data-Driven business?
• Round table: The Current Landscape
The Data Driven Journey
• How can a company become data driven?
• Round table: Moving towards Data-Driven-ness
Finding the Use Cases
• A discussion of use case discovery and prioritisation with real-life examples
• Round table: High value use cases

The course is delivered primarily by an experienced Data Science expert and is also supported by an AI consultant and an additional third facilitator.

A deck with updated charters + recommendations + PDF of the slides are supplied.


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Please note the price is for a group upto 8 people

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Datatrainer's Offer

Our mission is to promote the adoption of advanced data science techniques such as AI to organisations in the Sheffield City Region and help them find additional value, efficiencies and insights in their data. We can do this on a consultancy basis but are also able to provide training to organisations across the leadership, commercial and technical fields. As well as the 'Art of the Possible' series featured in detail here, we can also provide Beginner / Intermediate and Expert Training Courses in the technical aspects of data science programming in both R and Python languages.

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