Art of the Possible: Building a Data Driven Company

Teaching Approach

This is structured as 1-day workshop (or optionally over 2x half days on-line), formed as knowledge transfer presentations and facilitated round table discussions aimed at the leadership team, delivered by an experienced Data Science Consultant with significant industry expertise and an additional AI Consultant and an additional third facilitator (on-line only).

The primary objective of the session it to leave you with an inspired and educated team with better understanding of what key analytic terms mean and awareness of how they could contribute to the fundamental steps necessary for data-driven transformation.

Topics Covered

What does it mean to be data-driven?
• Defining a data-driven organisations
• The data-driven journey
• The benefits of becoming data driven
Never mind the buzzwords
• Understanding the analytic “hype”
• Demystifying key terms: big data, analytics, data science, AI, ML
The data opportunity
• Industry-relevant use cases as examples of potential value generation
The language of analytics
• The dimensions of data
• Descriptive Analytics and summary measures
• An understanding of “models”
• Diagnostics Analytics to understand drivers of outcomes
• Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Anatomy of an analytic project
• Common stages of an analytic project
• Finding the right question
• The role of the business stakeholder

Notes from the session and a pdf of the presentation are supplied.


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Please note the price is for a group upto 8 people

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