Art of the Possible: Being Data Driven: the Language of Analytics

Teaching Approach

A day of training to educate the business about being data-driven, with a focus on creating a common language around analytics, enabling them to operate in a data-driven framework. Structured as 1-day workshop (2x 1/2 day (on-line only)), formed as knowledge transfer presentations and facilitated round table discussions aimed at the wider business, delivered by an experienced Data Science Consultant with significant industry expertise with support from an AI Consultant and an additional facilitator (on-line only).

The primary objective of the session it to leave you with an inspired business with the skills required to be able to operate effectively in a data-driven organisation.

Topics Covered

Why be data-driven?
• Defining a data-driven organisations
• The data-driven journey
• The benefits of becoming data driven
• Roundtable discussion:
o Why do we want to become data-driven
o What do we believe it will achieve?
o What happens if we don’t become data-driven?

Becoming data-driven
• Striking a balance between “data offence” and “data defence”
• Building an effective strategy
• Understanding your starting point
• Understanding the destination
• Roundtable discussion:
o Where are we starting from?
o What do we imagine a future data-driven version of the organisation to be like?

The Analytic Opportunity
• Understanding the analytic “hype”
• Demystifying key terms: big data, analytics, data science, AI, ML
• Looking at relevant examples from our industry
• Roundtable discussion:
o What have we done in this area so far?
o Where do we think there is potential value to be created?
o Where is the low-hanging fruit?

Steps in the transformation
• The pillars of data-driven transformation
• The role of change
• Measuring progress on the journey
• Roundtable discussion:
o Where are we starting from?
o Which aspects of the journey could be most challenging?
o What are the next steps?

Notes from the session and a PDF of the slides are supplied.


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Please note the price is for a group upto 8 people

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Datatrainer's Offer

Our mission is to promote the adoption of advanced data science techniques such as AI to organisations in the Sheffield City Region and help them find additional value, efficiencies and insights in their data. We can do this on a consultancy basis but are also able to provide training to organisations across the leadership, commercial and technical fields. As well as the 'Art of the Possible' series featured in detail here, we can also provide Beginner / Intermediate and Expert Training Courses in the technical aspects of data science programming in both R and Python languages.

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