Advanced Sales Excellence – Open Programme

The programme aims to drive business performance through a well-planned approach and solid meeting framework, helping delegates to understand each stage of the sales process and the importance of creating a clearly differentiated solution for their clients.

This is a two day modular programme covering the following topic headings
¢ Preparing for the meeting by planning your objectives and approach.
¢ Where to find information to help you prepare and creating a structure for the meeting
¢ Getting the meet and greet right, getting rapport quickly and encouraging the client to talk and open up – finding out client needs
¢ Structuring your questioning technique around SPECIFICS – asking the right questions to be able to design your solution and help the client develop the business case at the same time so that if they need to involve others they gain buy-in quickly.
¢ Identifying the key motivators of the client and using them to prepare for objections
¢ Constructing a value proposition which the client will find attractive and want to buy.
¢ Presenting the value proposition in a way that feels positive for you and compelling for the client
¢ Negotiating the solution and dealing with concerns/questions or objections quickly and elegantly using the LATACC process so the client feels answered and reassured.
¢ Closing naturally so that the client wants to go ahead
¢ Finalising the details with the client and addressing the needs of other influencers to the purchase decision so that the sale is secure and more likely to lead to further business in the future

This course will provide delegates with the confidence and toolkit to run highly effective meetings with clients, positively impacting on closure rates, average order value and margin.

The training takes place over two separate days, with time between, to put skills into practice and then take them onto the next layer. This promotes better learning and embedding of the skills learnt.

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