Advanced Communications Skills

This course helps you understand what effective communication is €“ and what it is not. We discuss what the main barriers are to effective communication and how to overcome these. Effective communication is a two-way process, how well do we listen to feedback, and is the feedback that we are getting accurate? Another aspect of communication is the process of knowledge management. Does your company know what it knows? How to you encourage people to share what they know and how do you prevent knowledge from €˜walking out of the door?€™

The ability to communicate clearly is vital for both day to day issues and for strategic purposes. The leaders of a department, a team or the CEO, all need to be able to communicate the vision and the direction that they wish take to their colleagues and subordinates. Change management and project management both depend on clear communication strategies. The course will allow you to think about your own communication techniques and channels.

What You Will Learn

How information is encoded, transmitted and decoded and subsequently, how the receiver can lose the message due to background €˜noise€™.
The concept of learning styles and individual preferences when receiving communication.
The concept of transactional analysis and ego states whilst communicating.
What the main barriers are to effective communication (cultural, technological and physical).
Knowledge management and the responsibility for creating conditions where people transfer tacit as well as explicit information.
How to check that the message has been received, understood and acted on.
How to ensure that the big picture is interpreted correctly and that people can relate it to their day to day responsibilities.

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