Achieving Business Growth through YouTube Advertising-1-2-1 Remote Training using Zoom

This unique, distinct and intensive programme gives participating companies the opportunity to learn YouTube’s powerful lead generation techniques as well as developing and integrating these techniques into the company’s overall Business Growth Strategy.

This has the dual benefit of ensuring that the key YouTube Lead Generation skills are embedded within the business and then fully implemented as part of the firm’s ongoing Growth Strategy campaigns.

The course covers the following key areas:
– Introduction to YouTube
– How will YouTube help my Business?
– Setting up your YouTube Channel
– Video Editing Software
– The different types of video Ads for Business
– How to upload videos to YouTube
– Common YouTube Advertising mistakes to be avoided
– Understanding policy violations
– What are YouTube Ads and how do they work?
– Google Ads and Youtube
– Create your first YouTube Ads Campaign
– Choosing your audience
– How to monitor your YouTube ads
– Custom Audiences
– Remarketing


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