Achieving Business Growth through Facebook Lead Generation-1-2-1 Remote Training using Zoom

Achieving Business Growth through Facebook Lead Generation

This unique, distinct and intensive programme gives participating companies the opportunity to learn Facebook’s powerful lead generation techniques as well as developing and integrating these techniques into the company’s overall Business Growth Strategy.

This has the dual benefit of ensuring that the key Facebook Lead Generation skills are embedded within the business and then fully implemented as part of the firm’s ongoing Growth Strategy campaigns. This impressive result is achieved due to a combination of factors, including the inclusion of Senior Managers/Owners at the training sessions themselves so that key strategic areas can be discussed and agreed.

Facebook is a Powerful System to Generate Sales with No Cold Calling and No Gatekeepers to Negotiate, just a Regular Supply of Ongoing Leads and Enquiries….

Areas covered in the 1-2-1 Zoom training sessions include:

Content-Driven Facebook Leads for Businesses
– How will Facebook help my Business?
– The aims of a Facebook Business page
– Create your Business page
– Look at how to monitor your page
– Adding and sharing content
– Scheduling content to save time
– Adding a History of your Business to your Business page
– Tracking links
– Creating Facebook Apps
– Facebook Like Competitions
– Create a group for your Business
– Events
– Recommendations
– Photoshop and Facebook

Generating Leads and Enquiries from Facebook Ads Campaigns
– What are Facebook Ads and how do they work?
– The different advertising options Facebook offers
– Create your First 4 Adverts
– Choosing your audience
– Audiences Insights
– Look at how to monitor your Ads
– Multiple Image Ads
– Slideshow Ads
– Videos Ads
– Lead Ads
– Optimising Ads for Conversions
– Tracking Pixels
– Custom Audiences
– Lookalike Audiences
– Facebook Retargeting


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