Achieving Business Growth through Amazon Selling-1-2-1 Remote Training using Zoom

Achieving Business Growth Through Amazon Selling
This unique and distinct programme gives participating companies the skills and opportunity generate significant sales revenues from Amazon as well as developing and integrating these techniques into the company’s overall Business Growth Strategy.

This has the dual benefit of ensuring that these key skills to develop Sales growth through Amazon sales are embedded within the business and then fully implemented as part of the firm’s ongoing Growth Strategy campaigns.

Amazon is a Powerful System to Generate More Sales for Business! If Manufacturers/Distributors are not using Amazon or not using it effectively then they are missing out on a significant potential opportunity to grow their business using this powerful tool-not just in the UK, but generating Export Sales in Europe, North America, India, Japan etc.

You will have heard about the huge potential of Amazon Selling- with Shelton Associates’ intensive ‘One to One’ Amazon Selling Zoom Training, entitled Achieving Business Growth Through Amazon Selling, participants will learn how to generate potentially significant new sales through Amazon to achieve their Business Growth Objectives.

Key areas covered in Achieving Business Growth Through Amazon Selling including the following:

• Using Amazon to achieve Business Growth Targets (Practical Exercise to be Undertaken with Senior Management)
• Integrating Amazon into your Business Strategy (Practical Exercise to be Undertaken with Senior Management)
• How could Amazon benefit the business?
• Setting up an Amazon Seller Store
• Listing New Products and Existing Products
• Category approval
• Product Variants and images
• Creating content for each product
• Maximising the use of Amazon keywords
• Advanced Amazon Pricing Strategies
• Analysing your Competitors-Tools to analyse Competitor sales
• Dispatching your products
• Key Amazon Reviews
• The vital importance of Customer Satisfaction and Feedback
• Analyse sales, traffic, listings & Seller Report for strategic decision making
• How Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) could benefit your Business
• Generating Export Sales-How to expand into the European market
• What is Amazon advertising and how does it work?
• Create your first advertising campaign
• Monitoring your performance on Amazon
• Vital Online Marketing methods to drive traffic to your Amazon store
• Agreeing and completing the Amazon Sales Strategy and integrating this with the Business Growth Strategy (Practical Exercise to be Undertaken with Senior Management)


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Shelton Associates is an experienced marketing consultancy and training firm, which has been based in Sheffield for the past 25 years.We are marketing practitioners and run specialist training programmes in areas where we have direct practial expertise, both for our clients and ourselves.Shelton Associates has particular expertise in assisting companies through individual training to:Develop a Professional Marketing PlanSell products on Amazon and eBayGenerate Leads, Enquiries and Sales from Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and eBayDuring the current crisis, many of our courses are available remotely, so you are still receiving individual 1-2-1 training in these areas from experienced professionals, we are just doing it over Zoom instead. 

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