90 Day Regaining Momentum Planning

The original plan for the year has gone out of the window. The plan for last quarter is now done and not appropriate any more. Recovery will be another 90 Day game and will set the pattern for how your business will fare long term.

For many businesses, restarting will be way more painful than locking down. They’ll still be working with reduced demand but overheads will be increasing rapidly. In the short term, competition for the remaining demand in the marketplace will be intense. They’ll likely still have a mix of furloughed, homeworking and office/site based staff so team performance (effectiveness and efficiency) will be a challenge.

Building a clear and action oriented plan for the next 90 days will help you :

    1. Get clarity and focus on the vital few things you need for your business in this restart period
    2. Get your team working well together on the right things for your business right now
    3. Build confidence, performance and ultimately a better financial result for your business next quarter

Each session will be kept to small groups of maximum 10 people (or 5 businesses) and you can involve up to 4 leaders from each business for £100+VAT per person.


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