5 Day Leadership & Management Programme

The training programme that will provide Leaders, Managers and Supervisors with the underpinning knowledge, skills and attitude to

Session 1 – To manage themselves

  • Self-assessment of skills to benchmark strengths in leadership and management and areas for development
  • Administration of a psychometric profiling tool to identify behavioural preferences (energy, process of information, decision-making and approach to deadlines) to help them understand themselves better and how their behaviour may affect others
  • Discussion of the role and characteristics of a ‘leader’ to ‘role model’ behavior
  • Handling stress and pressure and resolving conflict
  • Group exercise to practice new leadership and management skills learned

Session 2 – To manage people

  • Development and presentation of team organogram to help discuss what is working well, challenges and how others could help
  • Use the ‘GROW’ Coaching Model to maximise impact of coaching sessions, one-to-one reviews and appraisals
  • What motivates employees and how to create opportunities linking in to what makes them tick
  • Identify how to give positive and constructive feedback
  • Identify preferred leadership style and when and how to adopt a range of leaderships styles (telling, selling, participating and delegating) to get the best out of people and the situation

Session 3 – To manage relationships

  • Practice of key skills to develop and nurture effective relationships (questioning, listening, feedback, communication, rapport-building, body language)
  • Administration of 360-degree tool to gain feedback from colleagues on ‘open’, ‘hidden’ and ‘blind spots’
  • Group exercise to practice new team working and interpersonal skills learned
  • Networking – How to prepare to make most of their networking time, How to work a room professionally, How to build and maintain a networking circle
  • Stakeholder Mapping – the process of assessing a system and potential changes to it as they relate to relevant and interested parties

Session 4 – To innovate and deal with the change

  • Enable participants to successfully transition through times of change by introducing
  • The psychology of change and what are the drivers for change
  • Managing people through periods of change (confusion, denial, anger, negotiating, depression, testing and acceptance) and how to adapt approach
  • What are the different types of innovation and how to foster innovative thinking
  • Learn and practice a range of tools to think creatively – Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, SCAMPER, Storyboarding, 6 Thinking Hats, SWOT, Questioning Assumptions etc
  • Administration of Innovation Behavioural Profiling Tool to measure Innovation Capacity and Innovation Team Role

Session 5 – To manage key activities

  • Identifying what is consuming their time & minimising the impact
  • Techniques for managing time well and achieving work life balance High pay-off activities vs. low pay-off activities
  • How to manage time and awareness of different approaches to plan, prioritise, deal with tight and conflicting deadlines
  • Benefits of, and how to delegate (who to, what, when and how)
  • Discussion on what innovation is and how to foster new ideas and ways of doing things
  • Practice of a problem-solving technique on a ‘real-life’ problem or opportunity
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