4-Day Sales Training Programme

Selling is the art of building relationships and the mastering of people skills. More than that though, it is the ability to see the world from the customers’ point of view and to sell to them in the way that they want to be sold to. Sales people have to sell to a variety of personality types and the better we are at adapting to those personalities the better the closing success rate is. The combination of traditional selling techniques with the art of influence (Emotional Intelligence) and the practical nature of the course enables participants to reflect and evaluate on their success in the work place and to develop new and tested strategies that work.

Day one: By the end of this course delegates will be able to:
¢ Recognise and practice the six basics of selling “ from getting attention to closing the deal
¢ Set personal targets then source and manage good qualified leads to maintain an active diary
¢ Research and know the product, the competition and the market
¢ Identify and practice 9 essential people skills

Day two:
¢ Build and maintain rapport to develop effective customer relationships
¢ List and interact with 4 basic customer personality types and use behavioural flexibility to sell to more to your client
¢ Recognise and use 3 key channels of communication
¢ Read language, gestures, eye and tonality patterns to understand the customer from his or her point of view and recognise buying signals.

Day Three:
¢ Effectively tailor the sales approach to achieve more predictable and desirable results
¢ Structure powerful win-win negotiations
¢ Demonstrate assertiveness and exceptional customer focus
¢ Demonstrate a positive and professional attitude at work

Day 4:
¢ Prepare and structure effective sales presentations and proposals
¢ Identify and practice the seven stages of influence
¢ Monitor, evaluate and review sales outcomes for setting targets
¢ Construct and action a customer communication strategy

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed to meet the needs of people at all levels, whether they have no experience in sales or have been in sales for many years and need to develop their sales skills to achieve more predictable and desirable results.

Course Structure
This four-day programme is designed to run one day a week over four weeks with learners from a single site or several sites sharing best practice and ideas. This approach enables the learner to put into practice their learning and report back to the group their experiences and successes over the weeks. All sessions are taught through a mixture of activity and learning to suit all learning styles and achieve maximum benefit for the learner. All sessions will be focused on committing to action, planning activities for success and reviewing outcomes at the next session. Time is also allowed for learners to reflect on and discuss their learning with colleagues. It is also a practical course that aims to develop the skills and behaviours that build confidence and assertiveness

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