Driving Growth with Strategic Marketing

Produce a robust Strategic Marketing Strategy for your organisation or business with guidance and help from fully qualified Marketing professionals. Define your goals, research your market and produce your plan.

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Survive, Then Thrive! Creating A Strategic Focus In Your Business

This online facilitated programme helps managers develop their ‘strategic skills’ by working together as a team on the key issues facing the business and agreeing a clear way forward. It is specifically tailored to each business and you decide what you want to achieve from it. It’s typically about focusing primarily on the immediate ‘short term vision’ of ‘where we want to be’ and ‘how we want things to be’ during and after to ‘survive’ the Corona virus crisis, and equipping your business to ‘thrive’ it after it’s ended.

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Presentation Skills ( Overcome those fears of Public Speaking)

Our Public Speaking and Presentation skills training course will help you present with confidence in different settings and will help you understand how audiences can be engaged and enable you to develop a presentation that achieves your aims. It is fun and effective with plenty of opportunities to practice.

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Business Growth Strategies

On completion of the business growth training programme participants will be able to:
• Explain the importance of a well-thought-out business plan for the success of the organisation
• Describe the structure of a business plan and how it caters to market and organisational needs
• Apply the business plan development process to create a well-structured, convincing business plan covering all vital elements
• Develop a business plan that includes a detailed, practical and effective implementation strategy
• Evaluate the progress of the implementation of the business plan and take necessary corrective steps

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Strategic Sales Pipeline Management

The more control and visibility you have into your sales pipeline, the more revenue you’ll bring in. In fact, Hub-Spot Research found a positive relationship between the number of opportunities in your pipeline per month and revenue achievement. The more opportunities in your pipeline, the more likely you are to reach of exceed your revenue goals. Growing a healthy pipeline is possible through careful assessment, activity and management.

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Project Management Overview

Managing a project doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact we handle simple projects every day without really thinking about the steps we’re taking to do so.
This training session will give you a little structure and some hints and tips to make your projects go smoothly
You are probably already involved in projects and applying some of the habits we’ll be talking about, so you will experience an increase in your confidence to put more projects into practice and get better project outcomes.

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Import Procedures – BCC Accredited

This course will lead delegates through the procedures and documentation required to successfully complete an import transaction. Delegates will learn about the import process from initial contact with potential supplier to the import customs clearance process to ensure receipt of goods in time and within budget

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NFPC Hydraulics – Stage 1 (HDST1)

This course gives delegates a greater degree of understanding the practicalities of a hydraulic system. Anyone who working with or around hydraulic systems should complete this course as a minimum. This course meets and exceeds the BFPA minimum education recommendations for hydraulics and is CPD accredited by IQ and IOM3. The training will take place at the National Fluid Power Centre, Worksop.

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