Art of the Possible: Being Data Driven: the Language of Analytics

A common barrier to success is an inherent cultural hostility to analytics driven by a lack of understanding of its possibilities and potential business value. This workshop aims to help solve the problems around the disconnect from the business because of a lack of education around analytics and the disconnect due to a lack of common language
across analytics and business functions. It also provides solutions for the lack of understanding around the type of challenges analytics can solve. It focuses on building a common language around data and analytics, identifying and communicating the analytic opportunity whilst enabling businesses to operate within a data-driven environment.

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Introduction to Market Research

This interactive course provides delegates with an introduction to market research and how it should be applied in today’s businesses in order to stay competitive and effectively evaluate opportunities. The course will include practical discussion along with a highly-interactive and impactful workshop at the end of the course. Delegates will leave with a core knowledge about types of market research and how it can help to grow your business or individual departments

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Microsoft Excel Power Pivot

This training is ideal for users who need to produce complex analysis of single and multiple data sets in order to present and manipulate data using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

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Excel – Advanced

This Excel advanced workshop is tailored to meet specific business needs, to enable you to undertake detailed business activities & analysis.

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Selling Professionally

Comprehensive course covering Sales Process, methodology and skills, encompassing key aspects of best practice in the selling activities prospecting, qualification, relating, objection handling, closing, including competitive strategies to exploit trigger events and win competitive deals.

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Brexit – Exploring Markets Outside the EU

With Brexit approaching and many businesses struggling to keep up with the changes that Brexit has imposed on their business, firms are looking to explore new markets to grow their existing presence or enter as a completely new market.

This course is a unique and highly engaging session that will address the key considerations in exploring overseas markets for exporting your products/services or opening overseas offices. The course addresses key strategic business considerations and will provide a framework to evaluate the attractiveness of new markets.

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