To stimulate, challenge, and motivate a selected cohort of directors and leaders from a cross-sector of high growth business in the Sheffield City Region by developing strategic skills in a directed learning environment and with peers To enhance growth mindsets and develop individual leadership potential via challenging learning interventions, strategic projects, stimulating visits, and speaker inputs

Andy Hanselman

To provide evidence - based practical training in a range of subjects to meet the needs of the employer/employee. In order to be able to increase the type of services offered to residents. Competency sign off by a qualified nurse with up to date PIN on the NMC register for each individual to be able to put the clinical procedures into practice on residents.

Training Provider

This bespoke training package has been created specifically for employers within the construction sector who seek to expand on current PLFC skills levels and increase their readiness for new tender opportunities and business growth.

Training Provider

Leadership & Management techniques and strategies for harnessing strong commitment from a project team in order to deliver projects successfully

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