3 Day Leadership Programme – Managing Self, Managing People and Managing Task

An interactive fun and interesting training programme to help Managers, Supervisors and Executives to manage themselves, manage their teams and business relationships, problem solve and make those very day tough decisions. Find out what other businesses have said about this and other courses we BSA Training delivers www.bsa-training.co.uk/services/skills-bank-funded-training/

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Manufacturing Team Leader Programme

The programme aimed at Team Leaders includes Managing Self, Managing Teams and Managing the Business. Topics will include Management Styles; Developing self awareness; Confidence and Assertiveness; Giving feedback and having difficult conversations; Delegation; Team working and interpersonal skills; Communication; 360 degree feedback; and Time Management

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Manufacturing Supervisor Management Programme

The programme aimed at Supervisors includes Managing Self, Managing Teams and Managing the Business. Topics will include Psychometric profiling to develop self awareness; Role of a Supervisor how to role model the right behaviours; Leadership styles; Team Audits; Performance Management; Coaching; Personal Development Reviews; 360 degree feedback; and Time Management

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Future Leaders Programme

This comprehensive course will be tailored to your business needs and will equip your managers and future managesr with professional leadership skills to boost your business, sales and development.

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Online Managers Development Programme

The programme is focused on the key topics needed to be effective and efficient within a management role. These include setting and monitoring objectives, coaching skills for managers, identifying opportunities for improvement and how to plan and implement change within the organisation.

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Microsoft 365 Digital Starter Programme

With more people working remotely due to Covid 19, more businesses are being forced through a digital transformation process, and much more aggressively than most would have liked. As such, there’s been increased openness to adopting technology like Microsoft 365. This isn’t a new need, but there’s a renewed urgency to adopt now in order to empower organisations to improvise, adapt and overcome the challenges poised by the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the key steps needed to a successful economic recovery is expanded access to digital skills. Even before the pandemic the UK was facing an alarming digital skills gap, which has only been exacerbated by this crisis. In today’s digital economy, organisations need to develop new digital skills to respond, recover and renew their business operations.

The first step is to respond and with most organisations already having licenses for Microsoft Office 365, really understanding how the Apps and Services can support the businesses digital aspirations is a key strategic factor.

Microsoft 365 offers you a comprehensive set of applications which can complete many different tasks in your everyday work which should be a major consideration as a pillar in your business or organisation’s overall digital web strategy.

This digital starter programme introduces you to the Power Platform applications that can be quickly provisioned to serve a variety of different audiences and workloads but will also show you how you can adopt some quick wins using some of the other applications across the spectrum of Office 365.

You will learn about the key apps which are provided within the Microsoft 365 framework and how they come together to help you produce better working solutions for your business or organisation.

Digital transformation is no longer a requirement for large organisations only, it’s affecting everybody, and we need to rethink how we leverage digital technologies, build automation capabilities, and address employee and customer experiences using more agile and lean methodologies.

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