Business Leadership Academy

Maximise your potential to deliver business resilience and growth

The Business Leadership Academy has been designed specifically for senior managers in SMEs. It’s delivered by BHP’s Consulting team, who’ve all run and grown successful businesses themselves, through good times and bad. We’ve shaped the programme to give you access to the insights, experience and tools we wish we’d had when we were growing our businesses. It helps senior managers to;

– Build resilience and agility, and that of their teams
– Navigate change, overcome challenges and break down barriers to growth
– Understand the key building blocks of business success
– Deliver sustainability, be able to adapt and pivot products and target markets
– Develop their own leadership and management capabilities
– Maximise productivity, employee motivation and engagement
– Increase shareholder value
– Develop a growth mindset to deliver increased performance, revenue and profit.

We share best practice and the latest thinking, combined with first-hand, lived experience. The result is a programme that 100% of people who’ve been through it said they would recommend to other managers.

For more information call Rachel Hannan on 07778 840724 or look at the brochure on our website

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Selling Solutions

The big question clients are asking is why!
Why would I buy this product or idea and why should I buy from you?
The challenge then is getting sufficient understanding of the client and their problems to allow you to justify your solution. The Selling Solutions training session will give you a reliable approach and some semi-structured questions to develop your customer proposal and make it stand out from the others, so the customer understands why they should buy you and your solution.

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Keeping your Employees Engaged and Ready to Return to Work

There are a very large number of furloughed employees and people who are working from home who are going to feel varying degrees of disengagement with their work or the business. Re-engaging our employees is going to be the next major challenge that we need to address to get things moving again.
Thankfully employee engagement is very well researched and understood, so there are a few fundamental steps which you need to make in order to make employee engagement work for you. This webinar will cover the 6 main steps and how you apply them to keep your employees engaged, or re-engage those who aren’t

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Importing – IPR & OPR – NEXT COURSE 22nd October 2019

Are you responsible for Import Duties/Intrastat? If so, you should attend this course as it will give you a broader understanding of the advantages of claiming IPR/OPR. You will have an understanding of the custom regimes and the Tariff. Have an understanding of the documentation required to claim IPR and OPR. Identify customs regimes, import controls and where to go for sources of international information and assistance.

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Managing difficult conversations with staff remotely

“we can’t get together, but I must deal with this….”
Many managers and leaders tell us that the thing they dread most is having those “difficult” conversations with staff and is made even more challenging when social distancing or location makes a face to face meeting or discussion impractical.
Whether it is down to requirements of the business to change working patterns; a performance management issue or other challenging discussion, those conversation still need to take place, albeit online, and it is essential that managers feel equipped to approach these in the right way.

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Effective Team Leader

This two-day course includes all core areas of good practice when managing staff including motivation, personal organisation and planning, leadership, and giving and receiving feedback.

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Business Planning – dealing with the now, the future and beyond (Virtual Training)

The “Business Planning – dealing with the now, the future and beyond” programme is made up of 2 x 3 hours sessions. It’s really important in this moment to have clarity on where you are, where you need to be and what you need to do to get there. You don’t want to leave it to chance and the risk is, if you don’t think about it and have a plan, your competition will certainly will do. This programme will help you to complete a business audit; revise and develop an updated business plan; develop skills to manage your time effectively. The session include virtual discussions, polls and breakout rooms; psychometric and behavioural tests; online handouts, personal action plans to record what you are going to do different; online quiz to test how much you have learned; and further reading material who want to learn some more.

£300 per participant (Minimum 5 participants).

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Online Managers Development Programme

The programme is focused on the key topics needed to be effective and efficient within a management role. These include setting and monitoring objectives, coaching skills for managers, identifying opportunities for improvement and how to plan and implement change within the organisation.

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