• Understand the different types of investments available to their organisation • How to create high quality and robust funding documents for submission • Be confident in developing robust project finances plans and forecasts • Have a thorough understanding of the due diligence process and information requirements
On completion of the business growth training programme participants will be able to: • Explain the importance of a well-thought-out business plan for the success of the organisation • Describe the structure of a business plan and how it caters to market and organisational needs • Apply the business plan development process to create a well-structured, convincing business plan covering all vital elements • Develop a business plan that includes a detailed, practical and effective implementation strategy • Evaluate the progress of the implementation of the business plan and take necessary corrective steps
AutoCAD training course for beginners, teaching core skills for creating 2D drawings, plans and designs.

Armada Training

Marketing Plan in a Day is a proven, high level strategic training programme undertaken with senior management to embed the skills needed to develop a Marketing Plan for the business to generate Business Growth
This course focuses on providing information an essential introduction on public sector tendering for small and medium -sized enterprises (SMEs). The impact of COVID 19 is being felt widely for many businsses and therefore the safe and extensive marketplace that public tender tender opportunities provides is a welcome prospect for businesses who have not previously considered biddng for public sector tenders and are now looking to diversify their marketplace. Businesses will be able to gain a greater insight into what is involved in bidding for public sector tenders, where and how they can find out about opportunities and what information they need to have in place to be able to respond quickly and effectively
Covid-19 Responsive
There is often confusion around the jargon of data science; and common buzzwords such as ‘AI’, ‘ML’ and ‘cognitive computing’, may cause a lack of understanding and a propensity to create barriers from within the business. By transferring a deeper understanding of key terminology, business leaders will understand the value and potential that advanced analytics can bring. The aim of this presentation-style workshop is to inspire your business with the possibilities of becoming a data driven organisation, using relevant industry examples to help see through the hyperbole that often attaches to the analytics world.