The Art of the Possible: Never Mind the Buzzwords

There is often confusion around the jargon of data science; and common buzzwords such as ‘AI’, ‘ML’ and ‘cognitive computing’, may cause a lack of understanding and a propensity to create barriers from within the business.

By transferring a deeper understanding of key terminology, business leaders will understand the value and potential that advanced analytics can bring. The aim of this presentation-style workshop is to inspire your business with the possibilities of becoming a data driven organisation, using relevant industry examples to help see through the hyperbole that often attaches to the analytics world.

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NFPC Hydraulics Industrial – Stage 2 (HDIS2)

This practical course is aimed at craftsmen, technicians, engineers and plant managers working within the industrial and offshore sectors. The course is designed for those involved in the maintenance, management and servicing of all types of industrial systems using hydraulics and associated controls. The course will focus on planning, installation, commissioning, testing, fault prevention and fault diagnosis.

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Procurement Solutions

On completion of the procurement solutions training programme participants will:
• Have a thorough understanding of the regulations regarding tendering
• Understand the principles of organisational governance around tendering
• Be able to manage the process effectively in line with procurement strategy and regulations
• Understand the importance and roles of stakeholders throughout the process
• Be confident to take ownership of the tender process

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From Recovery To Renewal – Create Your Own ‘Brave New World’!

The changes we’re all facing today are huge and how you and your business reacts to that is likely to be the difference between surviving and thriving. When we come out of the other side of these dark times, you will have some choices: ‘Go Backwards And Return To Normal’ or ‘Go Forwards And Create Your Own New World’! Going Forwards is clearly the way and this innovative online learning (and doing) experience is designed to help you as a business leader do just that in the wake of the Corona Virus Crisis and all the uncertainty it creates. It equips you with practical leadership and commercial skills to help you maximise the performance of your business during the Corona Virus Crisis…and well, well after it too!

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Business Growth Strategies

On completion of the business growth training programme participants will be able to:
• Explain the importance of a well-thought-out business plan for the success of the organisation
• Describe the structure of a business plan and how it caters to market and organisational needs
• Apply the business plan development process to create a well-structured, convincing business plan covering all vital elements
• Develop a business plan that includes a detailed, practical and effective implementation strategy
• Evaluate the progress of the implementation of the business plan and take necessary corrective steps

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Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day

Marketing Plan in a Day is a proven, high level strategic training programme undertaken with senior management to embed the skills needed to develop a Marketing Plan for the business to generate Business Growth

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