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Become a Skills Provider

The South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority’s Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) provides the blueprint for driving the region’s recovery from COVID and transforming South Yorkshire’s economy and society for people, businesses and places by 2041.

Skills Bank is always looking to establish delivery partnerships with organisations who can be responsive to the needs of businesses based and operating in South Yorkshire.  We work with a network of high-quality Skills Providers to match training to employer needs and provide employer choice.  We are particularly keen to hear from organisations, including FE and HE institutions, sector specialists, manufacturing and trade organisations and intermediaries with a niche offer to grow SYMCA businesses through skills / workforce development activities.

Flexibilities in the programme mean that Skills Bank can provide a broad range of training and skills interventions to support inclusive growth to all types of business. Bespoke training and a range of methods to upskill employees can be developed to meet specific employer demand and training can be tailored to the unique challenges of each business. Skills Bank has flexibility to invest in areas previously out of scope for public investment where there is a direct link to business or economic growth potential such as sector specialist training or bespoke leadership and management programmes.

Skills Bank operates a dynamic Framework.  Skills Providers can apply to join the Framework on a rolling basis.



Register your interest by clicking here.

Alternatively if you have a query please contact us on: Please see the Guidance Document link at the bottom of the page to view and read “How to register on in-tend and complete the Expression of Interest”.



Skills Providers approved to be part of the Framework will have the opportunity to upload their proposed skills offer(s) to this Employer portal, which will form part of a ‘Skills Directory’. 

Skills Bank is a market driven, co-investment model that supports training that can be tangibly linked to organisational growth.  It cannot support mandatory or compliance training or displace training that is available through other funding, including loans. 


Please send any queries to:

How to register to in-tend and complete the Expression of Interest – South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Skills Bank (June 2022)

Skills Provider Framework SLA