How do I apply for Skills Bank?

Apply online

If you know which training and Skills Provider you want to use, you can apply online. 

Email for more information

If you would like advice on the best course for you or aren’t sure whether Skills Bank is right for your business, you can email our Skills Advisors dependant on your location:


A Skills Bank Advisor and the live chat function will be available to help you complete and submit your Skills Bank Application. Please ensure you have identified the training the meets your needs and considered the business benefit expected.

The Skills Bank team will be on hand throughout the process to support the completion of electronic registration and outcomes.

Unsuccessful applications will receive feedback and the option to be referred to a Skills Advisor.

The Outcomes Review is critical to provide real insight on the impact of training on Business Growth, provide an indication on the value of funding as potential contributor to the economy and may inform future investment in skills by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.


You will need to consider and be in a position to demonstrate the following:

A) The company has clear growth/development plans which involve upskilling the workforce.

B) The projected company turnover over the following five-year period is clearly expressed.

C) The factors which are creating the projected growth are clearly communicated.

D) The actions being taken to ensure growth takes place are clearly communicated and the proposed training directly supports the growth.

E) The company has considered the business benefit of the training and the return on investment.

F) The company has considered their broader contribution to the South Yorkshire region.

Application approval and the level of funding awarded is informed by a number of factors. Additional credits may be awarded where the responses demonstrate your business materially contributes / or plans to contribute towards the following Social Values: 

  • South Yorkshire Economy
  • Inclusive Employer Practice
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Sustainability

The Skills Bank application has been designed to focus on those areas of information that businesses may already be taking account of themselves making the process as natural as possible.