Mastering New Technologies with Accurate Laser Cutting Ltd

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A Rotherham based expert in sub-contract laser cutting and pressbraking services, has seen its turnover and productivity increase, in part, thanks to funding from South Yorkshire Skills Bank towards their bespoke training requirements.

Specialising in advanced laser cutting solutions, Accurate Laser Cutting (SJS) Limited serves a diverse clientele across various sectors, ranging from automotive to aerospace, small and large fabricators, as well as general engineering companies.

The company needed to increase production and productivity to maintain profitability within the factory unit that they currently occupied.

This was a particular problem due to lease costs increasing by 50% and energy costs also increasing by 57%. On top of this, customer service demands for ever shorter lead times were also increasing.

Training Objective:

In January 2023, Accurate Laser Cutting (SJS) Limited acted by seeking training support through the Skills Bank program.

Retaining their ISO 9001:2015  and BSEN 1090 accreditations requires regular training and development work be undertaken with an ever growing team. They found this becoming a significant expense to keep up to on their own.

They also recognised the specific potential of their ByStar Fiber 4020 laser cutting machine. They aimed to use this technology and its capabilities to increase output, by reducing the cycle time of each cutting plan.

Training Implementation:

With the assistance of Skills Bank funding, Accurate Laser Cutting (SJS) Limited enrolled four key team members in comprehensive training sessions, all focused on mastering the new technology.

The training, facilitated by experts in the field, equipped the team with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage the cutting-edge features of the equipment effectively.

Business Impact:

The integration and development of the ByStar 4020 Fiber technology, empowered by Skills Bank-funded training, has yielded remarkable results for Accurate Laser Cutting (SJS) Limited:

  1. Increased Turnover: The introduction of the new cutting technology facilitated a significant boost in productivity. Accurate Laser Cutting (SJS) Limited reported an impressive 17% increase in turnover which was, in part, directly attributable to the training received through Skills Bank.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: The primary focus of the training was to optimise cycle times through the utilisation of advanced cutting techniques. As a result, cycle times have been reduced, with some processes experiencing a 50% decrease. On average, across applicable operations, cycle times have decreased by 35%, translating to approximately 3 hours of additional cutting capacity per day.
  3. Operational Efficiency: The streamlined operations enabled by the new technology have not only bolstered productivity but also improved operational efficiency. Accurate Laser Cutting (SJS) Limited can now fulfil orders more quickly, meet tight deadlines more readily, and deliver higher quality components to their customers.

Stephen Rolfe, owner, and director at Accurate Laser Cutting (SJS) Ltd, said: “Overall as a business we have been able to increase productivity and even hire two brand new team members too”.

“We have been able to increase our turnover and increase the cutting capacity each day thanks to the new machinery upgrade and vital training.

“And all this while working in the same factory space we have always had – and with no need for additional new laser cutting equipment.

“The Skills Bank funded training has made a real difference to us and has enabled us to get the most out of the new upgrade to our machinery.

“In fact, our growth projections for next year have increased beyond what was anticipated when first applying to Skills Bank for their support.”

As Accurate Laser Cutting (SJS) Limited continues to benefit from the full potential of the ByStar technology, they are on track for sustained success and continued expansion.

South Yorkshire Skills Bank is available for any size business in the region and is a flexible scheme that supports businesses in accessing funding towards their training requirements.

Dedicated Skills Advisors are there every step of the way to help with applying for up to 60% grant funding for training identified by business that will support growth.

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