What Skills Bank Provides

Financial Contribution

Apply for a percentage of funding to alleviate the costs of upskilling your workforce.


Access the training provider of your choice, who understands your business needs.

Bespoke Solutions

We support any training that can be bespoke, accredited or non-accredited, that contributes to your growth, development, and resilience.

Is your business eligible for funding to train staff?

South Yorkshire-Based Business:

Operating within South Yorkshire for at least 12 months.

Business Growth & Resillience

Training must align with business resilience and growth.

Economic Impact

Demonstrate how the training will contribute to the South Yorkshire economy.

Why does Skills Bank fund training?

Skills Bank is more than just a fund; it’s part of the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority’s vision for a stronger, greener, and fairer region. Aligned with the strategic economic plan, we aim to support businesses in creating a prosperous South Yorkshire.


How Do I Apply For Funding?

Navigate the funding process seamlessly.

Online Application: Access free support and guidance form our experienced and knowledgeable Skills Advisors who can help with the application process. Submit your application outlining your business growth plans and training needs.

Appraisal Panel: Your application is reviewed by our team, for you to then submit it to the Appraisal Panel.

Skills Deal: Successful applicants receive a Skills Deal ahead of booking the training.

Skills Deal Award: After completing training, request your contribution.

Our Skills Advisors

Our dedicated Skills Advisors are here to guide you through the application process. They’ll help identify your challenges, explore opportunities, and ensure you maximise the benefits you’re eligible for. The Skills Advisors will be on hand throughout the process to support the completion of electronic registration and outcomes.

Unsuccessful applications will receive immediate feedback and the option to be referred to a Skills Advisor.

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